Road Runner Sports Implements Live Expert for Video Chat Service


Road Runner Sports Implements Live Expert for Video Chat Service

large_imac-1024x781ClairVista, the provider of Live Expert®, the leading video chat customer service system, announced that Road Runner Sports implemented Live Expert for live consultations on its website. Road Runner Sports joins a long list of companies switching to Live Expert from another video chat system. Fully 30% of all ClairVista customers have switched to Live Expert after using other chat systems.

“We switched to ClairVista’s Live Expert system because our customers deserve the very best experience possible when communicating with us live. Our customers always come first, and ClairVista feels the same, so to create this partnership and work together made sense”, said Jennifer Melzer, Vice President of Operations for Road Runner Sports.

“Video chat services are growing up. Companies are realizing that just adding a video plug-in to existing workflow cannot create a good customer experience. They are also finding that most systems only work in one or two digital channels. Only Live Expert provides seamless video/voice/text chat with interactive content sharing across all digital channels – websites, emails, mobile devices, and kiosks, and without requiring any proprietary equipment,” said Chris Sang, Founder and CEO of ClairVista.

Live Expert, which received three U.S. patents, enables both on-demand and scheduled video/voice/text chat and content sharing services. Live Expert handles well over 50% of customer service video calls in North America and is used in consumer services, retail, healthcare, and financial services.

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